About Us

Carisa Luxe is founded and lovingly created by long time freelance makeup artist,Model, Influencer,student, and overall gamer girl. Carisa was born and raised in Northern California With years of makeup artistry experience and a passion for makeup and the formulation of products.While attending college and pursuing her dreams in school, Carisa wanted to introduce a fresh experience to her clients,including her own makeup applications .Carisa had struggled with finding makeup she could wear and use since being diagnosed with Celiac disease she learned it’s not just an allergy or diet, but a lifestyle and how it can be tricky to find makeup that’s safe to use that actually looks amazing on camera and in real life. Carisa took it upon herself to create products she and others can feel beautiful in and feel good about wearing. Designed by a dream and answered through prayers, Carisa’s ideas are always evolving.With the very first product being lashes to branching out a whole cosmetics,body care,gifts, & now jewelry collection , there is always something exciting to expect from shopping at Carisa Luxe.

A Special message from CEO & Founder /Creator of Carisa Luxe

Thank you all SO much to those of you who continue to believe in my dreams and support my visions and ideas! My promise to you is that I will keep creating authentic products for you to experience & love.

Stay blessed,