Luxury Lashes "Catherine"

Carisa Luxe

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BACK IN STOCK) Our Best Selling Luxury Lash Set “Catherine” is another one of our most popular frequently sold out luxury lash sets. Designed to be ultra long lasting providing you with months of exceptional wear with proper care & storage, these exquisite hand crafted cruelty free 26MM Mink luxurious lashes are the most glamorous,,wispy, flirty and did I mention lightweight? They are a favorite and best seller for a reason.Suitable for any eye shape and size.Designed to provide a full & fluffy, dramatic, yet wispy, voluminous effect. Comes in a collectible white pull out tray drawer storage box. 

-How to use -

Carefully remove lashes from lash tray and place alongside lash line to measure your eye shape. Then cut the false lashes to fit your eye shape. Apply lash adhesive and wait for glue to become tacky, then apply lashes while looking into a mirror I always recommend looking downwards.( Glue not included) 

-if you need recommendations on the best lash glue to fit your needs feel free to contact us we would love to help you! 


To ensure your beautiful lashes will last as long as possible and look amazing, please store lashes back in collectible lash box/ tray it comes in to protect from dust. Do not submerge lashes in water. Protect lashes from water and you may clean your lashes by gently peeling off previous adhesive along lash line.