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Introducing all new Luxury Gift Sets that grant you a luxurious experience in smelling and feeling phenomenal.Included in this set is a full sized bottle of our best selling multi purpose fine fragrance in the scent "Italian Villa “ one large organic bath bomb scented with Chai Tea & Citrus.Also includes natural handmade Loofah Soap “Juicy Mixed Citrus"  This luxury set is the ultimate refreshing,relaxing and soothing gift for anyone you care about, who enjoys smelling and feeling their best!

-Fine Fragrance- Italian villa is scented with iced vanilla,and juicy Sicilian Oranges grown in Italy from a flourishing family owned garden enamoring a beautiful villa overlooking the crystal clear mediterranean sea.Handcrafted with only the finest ingredients and fragrance oils that provide a long lasting up to 24 hour wear anywhere you decide to spray and smell divine all day long. Designed to be your new favorite multi purpose fragrances! the possibilities are endless.They are environmentally friendly and made for you to use on linen,bedding,furniture,bathrooms,Office spaces,travel and more importantly YOU! you can ALSO wear this on yourself as a fine fragrance body mist because its made with only the finest natural essential oils and fragrance oils.Goes on Dry so you may spray bedding,clothing,sheets and will not feel wet.When applying to skin spray 6 inches away as its very saturated fragrance oils and enjoy the delightful aroma. -Alcohol free-Gluten Free-Cruelty Free-soy Free-Phthalate free-Non GMO-Vegan-

-Organic Bath Bomb Chai Tea & Citrus -We Only Use Essential Oils And Plant based colorants

Baking Soda,Citric Acid,Coconut Oil, Plant based Colorant, Essential oils,Sea Salt,Seeds.

Cruelty free, Vegan, Gluten free,Non GMO